My Date at the Barre - Experience, Review & Giveaway!

Since I've been attending BPDance Co's Barre class almost every week for months now.. it seems natural that I blog my experience and review. Barre is a workout that combines yoga, Pilates & Ballet. It focuses on small, slow movements repeated until you want to rip of your limbs and cry. Joking, sort of. This work out is NO joke but so rewarding.

I've previously attended a handful of Barre classes a few years ago but it was no longer offered in Vegreville. That was until Pauline and her adorable family moved to town.  I knew Pauline through the grapevine as she married one of my childhood friends. One day I was browsing Facebook and saw that she was offering Barre as well as adult hip hop classes at my local gym! Although I am still too chicken to try hip hop.. I knew my workout buds would love to try Barre with me. So we registered that night with excitement.

After registering for the Saturday class online and glancing around on the BPDance Co's Facebook page, I learned that I needed to pack a yoga mat, water, grip socks & 2-3 lb weights. I did fortunately had the proper weights but had to venture out for the grip socks. My first class I went bare foot which is still alright but the socks really add the extra support when you're stretching and bending all over the place. Over the next few class I purchased some super pretty barre socks from Pauline along with her amazingly soft barre shirts, you can order these through Pauline! I also learned that long workout pants or crops are suggested, no shorts.

It was the morning of our first class and my mother-in-law picked me up. I was feeling a little bit intimidated as most people do when trying a new class. Fortunately, all of that disappeared when we got to the studio as we were greeted with a big smile and a warm welcome. We each set up our own little station by the Ballet barre and was passed a resistance band and a small ball. Pauline then introduced herself, cranked Britney and got us to work.

We did some warm up movements and stretching then dove right into the arm series.

This is when shit got real.

 I was sweating, swearing, shaking! My arms have never felt like this before. I was experiencing pain in muscles I didn't know I had. Every time when I thought we were done, that she possibly couldn't put us through anymore, she would sweetly say ``EIGHT MORE``. Jello. My arms literally felt like Jello. But in the best way! With all this pain I knew this was legit. That I was getting my money`s worth and some.

After arms we headed to the barre. No, we don`t all meet at the local pub and reward ourselves for 15 minutes of arm work with a tall Caesar. We head to the ballet barre to work on the legs series. Most of the moves start in a ballet position. Some of which I recognised since I was in ballet for eight or so years as a child.

I thought that nothing could get more intense than the arms series. I was so wrong! At the barre we worked on our legs. I always thought I had pretty strong legs. The women in my family are blessed with long slender legs (I promise I'm not bragging, I'm totally not proportionate because of this haha). But the legs series of this workout proved to me that my legs have a way to go. During legs we use the small ball, resistance band along with the barre. My legs were shaking so badly it was humorous! I thought it made me look like I was super out of shape until Pauline praised us for shaking.

Embrace the shake. 

Your arms, abs, and legs shakin`like crazy is a GOOD thing. You`ll often hear ``embrace the shake`` from Pauline. This is your muscles showing you that what you`re doing is working! You can literally watch each muscle get stronger with each rattle. 

To be completely honest... this legs series had me cursing at this sweet lady. Luckily the moment we were done I felt amazing and sore, but a good sore. After legs we did some ab and bridge work to complete the full body workout. The lights were dimmed, soft music started to play and we stretched.This brought our heart rate down and then we all really took a moment to ourselves. I honestly loved these five minutes to wind down and get ready for the busy day ahead. What an hour! After the first class I was hooked along with almost everyone else. I cannot rave enough about these classes. 

I sat down with the lovely Pauline and asked her some frequently asked questions about Barre.

From Pauline:

1. Why are long workout pants/capris suggested over shorts for Barre? Leggings or capris will do the trick. Plus there are so many fun colours and styles of leggings these days that it makes getting ready for barre that much better. But in reality, it’s for comfort. Most women feel more comfortable working out in leggings and we do use resistance bands every class for the leg series and they are not fun on bare skin. The band is painful enough as it is… 2. Why are grip socks recommended? We hold a lot of positions in Barre for a certain amount of time. Barre socks or grip socks help give you that extra stability during things like planks or plies. Plus, they are really cute! But if you don’t have grip socks, bare foot is recommended. I try to encourage grip socks because they allow you to stay in position and really benefit from the exercises we are doing.
3. What benefits do the small movements have?

The idea is to avoid bulking up the muscles and instead, create long and lean muscles to the ideals of a dancer’s body. Keyword…isometrics. Using small movements, like “down an inch & up an inch” to focus on key muscles to strengthen and tone.

4. That intense shaking is good! Why? Those are your muscles changing - embrace the shake! Your muscles are working hard and that shake is a result of your muscles contracting really quickly from the isometric movements. That’s usually when I get an eye roll or two in class, shaking is good so I usually add on another set of eight counts. 5. How do BPDance Barre classes differ from other Barre classes?
There are so many methods of Barre and I like to think of my method as a blend of my favourite ones. My background is in dance and the foundation of it was ballet. Barre was actually created by a ballet dancer, so as a dancer, I know and appreciate the movements that have evolved into Barre. Ballet is all about having proper technique – I try to have the same technique in my Barre class, it improves posture and prevents possible injuries.
6. When did you fall in love with teaching? I first tried Barre when I was pregnant and I immediately became hooked! I mean, who doesn’t love a low impact workout that gives you killers legs and a tight bum?! And of course after baby, I went to Barre classes regularly and it completely transformed my body and mind. When ladies come to my class and I see that they are working hard, it motivates me so I push them a little further, I want them to get to their goal whatever it maybe. That’s what I love the most, the transformation that these ladies go through and seeing the smiles on their faces when they come into class. They know what they have to do at that barre and sometimes they love me and sometimes they don’t but they just go for it anyways.

My final review on Barre by BPDance Co is obviously a great one as I've been to basically every class since they started, including the hilarious "bring your beau to Barre" class she held. I love how every class is a little bit different which keeps it exciting while working different parts of your body. I have noticed definition in muscles I never knew I had. My super scrawny legs now look muscular and strong. It's because this class I am excited to hit the gym Saturday mornings. We laugh, sweat and leave feeling strong and refreshed. The difference between this Barre class and the other ones I've attended is without a doubt Pauline. She makes you feel welcome and that you belong no matter what your fitness level. Her passion for dance, fitness and truly wanting each of her students to feel their best, shines through. 

Pauline teaches Barre at the Vegreville Aquatic & Fitness Centre on Saturdays 10:15 & 11:15am along with on Wednesdays at Snap Fitness in Vegreville at 7:00pm. She also offers a Adult Hip Hop class Thursdays at the Vegreville Aquatic Centre at 7:00pm. Hit up her Facebook page to register. Also be sure to follow her Instagram, @bpdanceco for some awesome motivation and updates.  

If you ever thought about trying out this class now is your chance! Head to my Instagram, @chasingcallie for your chance to win a FREE class & BPDance Co Tank!


Fantastic Firsts

If you're like me, you gush over every little milestone your babes hit. From the first smile that's not gas induced to that clumsy first step. For my first sweet little gal, Callie, it was so simple to catch every little detail of her first year. My job description entailed of changing bums, and watching her grow. Well, as you second time mama's know, it's a bit more hectic the second go around. Callie is so busy and has boycotted naps almost a year ago. Between forcing me to watch her pee {not complaining about this one, bye diapers!!!} and feeding her snacks literally every 30 minutes, it's hard to catch all of Marlow's new quirks and tricks. 

Marlow is creeping up to five months and has already blown us away with her little mind and every growing personality. She has been rolling from tum to back for months now {her rebel against tummy time} but was yet to take the big roll from back to belly. Well yesterday afternoon I placed her on her back under her play gym and quickly ran to the bathroom to wipe Cal's bum {glamorous, I know}. On my return to the living room Marlow was now laying on her tummy with the sweetest grin! A grin that almost said "Ha ha, mama! Look what I did!". Since then she has been rollin' all over the place and even making some crawling motions! 

Luck would have it that on the same day I missed this little milestone, my friendly UPS driver dropped off the sweetest package. Inside was the Fantastic First personalised milestone cards from the Lost My Name company. When they contacted me to review these cards I was ecstatic! Callie was gifted their ever popular "The girl/boy who lost their name" book for her second birthday and the quality of it blew me away. I knew these cards would have the same effect and I was right! 30 personalised cards that help you neatly document milestones and month birthdays from birth to the big one! Each card has your child's name on it along with a seriously adorable illustration. There's also a spot to write extra details or the date on the back. All packaged neatly in a little box along with a checklist of each event. 

I can hardly believe my Little Low is almost five months {or that Callie is almost THREE!} but excited to watch her grow into her own tiny human. Having these cards along the way is the cherry on top! If you have a growing little babe in your home you want the cutest way to document or have a mama friend that's due soon click HERE for 15% off your very own milestone cards! 

This blog post was sponsored but all shared opinions and reviews are my own. 


Marlow Anne Beaudette - Birth Story

I'm going to start off with explaining why I haven't blogged in months.. {five to be exact :/}. I was feeling super guilty and sometimes I even get down on myself with how unmotivated I am to blog.. but then I remembered why I started a blog in the first place. I didn't create Chasing Callie because I wanted to become this great blogger. I started it because I wanted a small little square of the internet to share some parts of my daily life, as each day is truly so exciting with my new little fam! Whoever said your high school years were the best years of your life mustn't of been a parent! These days are so precious and I feel like they just need to be documented and shared. 

Now that I got that out of the way.. onto Miss M's birthday!

I spent this entire pregnancy comparing it to my first. But in reality, as early as conception, it was totally different. I say that as we planned this little gal. Callie was the best little oops and honestly changed our lives for the better.. but planning for a baby is entirely different. You track, you obsess and you spend your life savings on ovulation & pregnancy tests. You find out almost exactly when it happens and you get a few more weeks to wonder and dream about what your new little babe will look like. We got pregnant directly after my miscarriage that I suffered in November 2015. Boy, do I wish I knew that exactly a year later {to the day} I would be sitting here writing a birth story on our second sweet babe. 

Callie was born a healthy 7lbs3oz at 37 weeks so I was totally expecting to go early this time also. I went on mat leave early, planned to take our newborn to a wedding my husband was a groomsman in (which I attended 40 weeks pregnant!), and even packed my bags at 34ish weeks. Little gal had her own plans - to steal our anniversary date! Marlow Anne came into the world in a quick 4.5 hours on mommy & daddy's first wedding anniversary! Lucky Daddy - one less date to remember ;).

We started the day loading our car up with the baby bags and packing little Callie up in the car. Eager to get to my 40 week appointment to hear some sort of progress as I was done being pregnant. The fact that it was our anniversary didn't really phase us. I was so uncomfortable and couldn't imagine spending another week around the house just waiting for baby. My appointment was in the morning and we had some errands to run after. My OB let me know I was still only 1.5 centimetres dilated and asked if I wanted a sweep. I agreed to the sweep {ouch} and left my appointment with another one booked in a week and a lump in my throat holding in tears. Once we got into the vehicle I cried and cried all the way to Costco. HOW could I have no progress after all the walking, pineapple, and awkward hippo sex (tmi?).

Immediately after we started to shop and walk around Costco the Braxton Hicks contractions started. These were intense but I didn't think much of them as I got them with the same intensity after a long walk. After shopping and eating mine and Kyler's samples we headed home. We decided to order Chinese and go home and watch our wedding video to celebrate our anniversary. The entire ride home the braxtons were getting more and more intense but had no pattern. I planned on having a bath when I got home. In the previous weeks a bath determined if it was real labour or not. Every time I was in false labour a quick bath or shower stopped the contractions instantly. After picking up our food and unloading the car at home, Kyler got Cal settled with a TV show and dished up a plate of food while I hopped into the bath. It took only seconds in that warm water for my body to tell me that shit just got real. I felt my first real contraction ever (didn't feel a single one with Callie as I got an epidural directly after my water broke). I was 99% sure this was it so I did what anyone would do.. I called my mom. She insured me that this was it. So Kyler inhaled the rest of his Chinese, repacked the car and called his mom letting her know Callie was coming for a sleepover.

We dropped Callie off as an only child knowing when we picked her up her little life would change forever. Tears were pouring out of me as we kissed her goodbye. The contractions getting more and more painful was the only thing stopping me from holding onto her forever. In that moment I knew it was the last time I would hold her and kiss her as my only child. I love both my children the same, but there is something about your first that will forever stand out. Callie made me a mother. She gave me the best job I will ever have. *Cue tears*

I have driven the hour drive to Edmonton from our town more times than I can count, but this time felt like days. The contractions were getting closer and longer. I was timing them on my phone and in that hour drive they went from being five minutes apart to 30 seconds apart. I knew she was coming and coming quick. Each contraction I swear I could of broken Kyler's arm with how hard I was squeezing it. We drove in complete silence. I am one of those people that needs to focus on the pain and get through it without saying a word. No radio on and I could even tell Kyler was holding his breath {poor guy}. Every time that tightening, stabbing pain came over my body I tried to imagined that soon I would see her little feet, hands and smell that perfect newborn smell. I thought of the joy I would feel when we locked eyes for the first time. The memory of the instant love I had for Callie got me though that pain.

We arrived at the Grey Nuns Hospital an hour and a half after my first contraction, at 5:45pm. As we were waiting in the lobby to be admitted with my health care & ID in hand I remember the receptionist say to the person she was on the phone with "Sorry, I have to go! I have a woman here in labour!". Kyler gave her all my info and answered all the questions as I couldn't talk through the contractions. I was soon wheeled up to the L&D floor. The first thing that came out of my mouth when the nurse came to me was "epidural". I was so worried I was too far into labour to receive one. She checked my cervix at 6:15pm and I was only four centimetres. Thank God I was able to get the magic drug. It took me quite a while to give them the urine sample they requested and change into the hospital gown. By this time my contractions were lasting minutes at a time and were back to back. I now know why there are railings around each hallway in hospitals. It took me a good 20 minutes to walk to the next room as I was having to stop with each contraction and cling to that rail for dear life. 

I was finally in the delivery room and given the epidural at 7:00pm, an hour and 15 minutes after we got to the hospital. Ahhhhh! Relief. I would love to find the person who invented the epidural and give him/her a big fat kiss. Props to you mamas (aka superheros) who have had unmediated birth!

Now we were left in the room to relax while I progressed {naturally}. This was the time I remember so clearly while in labour with Callie. That moment when all is calm and you cuddle, kiss and gush over how soon your family will grow by ten little toes. But with Cal those moments lasted a lot longer because 45 minutes later I was checked again and was eight centimetres! 

Now hold on & read slow because this is going to be quick! Dr.McCubbin {the same OB that delivered Callie} was called at 8:00pm, my water broke at 8:15pm, the doctor arrived at 8:20pm and Marlow Anne Beaudette was here after three minutes & two pushes at 8:26pm. 

If you're an anxious new mom-to-be reading this to get some sort of idea on how your labour may be, like I did all nine months while pregnant with Callie, this is the moment you completely fall in love. The emotion you feel when you see your child for the first time and as they are placed on your chest is one of those moments that will stay vivid with you for life. 

As little Marlow was placed on my chest Kyler and I wept and talked about how small she was. We talked about how we were certain she was smaller than Callie was at birth. Turns out she was the exact same weight as her big sister, 7lbs3oz! You truly forget how small they are. 

After Marlow and I were all cleaned up we settled into our room for the night. We glanced at our fresh new babe and saw so many similarities to her sister and so many differences. Marlow was way way less hairy & didn't have any vernix caseosa {I totally had to Google "white stuff on baby when born" haha}. This being due to Marlow being full term and Callie being three weeks early. During this time Kyler and I laughed until we cried, gushed about how much we love one another and really connected with each other and our new daughter. We talked about Callie constantly and how much we love our two girls. We joked about how she was defiantly a "Marlow" and not a "Marley" like we had originally picked {ruff}. We called our loved ones and friends who were just as much in shock as we were that she was here! One minute we were about to stuff our face with Chinese and the next we were spending our first anniversary night in a hospital room with the best gift we could ever ask for. 

The next day we headed home to fill our house with our completed family, give Callie the most important introduction she would ever have & eat Chinese leftovers {score}. In the two months since Marlow has been here and a part of our family we have had the easiest transition from one child to two. Callie is honestly the best with her sister and we were blessed with another easy, calm babe. 

Phew! Writing this amazing day down before life gets super crazy and the newborn stages wears off is such a relief. Reliving this day has me rushing to hit "publish" to get to my gal pals and handsome hubby for a group hug. 

Welcome to the world Marlow Anne, you're more loved than you'll ever know. 


Floral & Gold Nursery

When we found out we were expecting our second daughter we were ecstatic for many reasons. The thought of Callie having a little best friend/twin of hers for life warmed my heart. My husband loved the though of having two little daddy's girls and to be the man of the house. Another obvious reason was how much we would save on hand me downs. Kyler even made a comment that I would be able to keep the nursery the same... fat chance! I was already spending my spare time on Pinterest and Etsy dreaming up of the new room. 

The grey and white stripes were staying. As much as I would of loved a crisp white room to work with.. I couldn`t bring myself to paint over the work and precision Kyler put into it back in 2013. 

I knew my obsession with gold would play a big part in this room. The majority of my planning had me searching and searching for a simple round gold mirror. What I thought would be an easy task had me almost spending my entire nursery budget or driving to the nearest Target in the states. Realising both were crazy options I turned to good old IKEA & spray paint. 

This room really came together and is everything I could of imagined for my second little chick. 

T-minus 100ish days until we get to add the final detail.. Baby Beau! 

Wooden Wildflower Sign: Prairie Designs -- Circle Gold Decals: Etsy Forever Studio -- Crib: Sears -- Crib Sheets & Skirt: LEN @ IKEA -- Floral Swaddle: Little Unicorn @ well.ca -- Faux Sheep Skin Rug: TEJN @ IKEA -- Glider: Best Buy -- Floral Pillow: Esty Old Made New by Sharon -- Round Gold Mirror: GRUNDTAL @ IKEA & DIY -- Bunting Banner: Esty The Craft and Cupboard -- Minky Change Cover: Amazon -- Dresser: HEMNES @ IKEA -- Nightstand: HEMNES @ IKEA  -- Gold Lamp: RODD @ IKEA -- Rose gold basket: Micheal's -- Shelf: EKBY @ IKEA -- Gold Frame: Winners -- Mocs: Minimoc -- Gold `M`: Homesense -- Stay Wild Print: Yours truly @ MomPrintables -- Milk Jar: Homesense -- Floral `M`: DIY 

Grey paint color: "Alpine Ash" by Benjamin Moore Origins 
Ivory: "Igloo" by Benjamin Moore Origins 


The white kitchen I always wanted.. for under $800!

From the moment we stepped into our little 1000sq home I've hated the kitchen. Seriously dated, orange, dirty... I could go on and on with things I hated. We talked about painting the cabinets from day one! But buying our home while I was expecting Callie set us back a solid three years. Yup.. This pumpkin palace was my kitchen for an entire three years. But after we found out we were expecting once again we decided we would jump at the first opportunity to get this huge task off of our list. The perfect timing came up when my sweet little day home gal wasn't coming for an entire week over spring break! Also the end of March was a perfect time, not too cold to work in the garage and not too hot to be doing hard work indoors. After planning for about a month we got the overall plan and design down that we wanted and Kyler booked a week off of work. 


First thing we tackled was the 40+ year old backsplash. Taking all of this off the wall completely destroyed the drywall underneath. Luckily we had a spare sheet from our basement repair in the garage that we were able to use. Believe it or not but taking the old tiles off and replacing the drywall was a two day job. We were so lucky the rest of the reno went so well or we would of not finished in the week we allowed ourselves to get this job done! Choosing the tile was easy as I knew from the start I wanted white subway tile with a dark grout. Not only inexpensive but the white tile is so timeless! It was however a fight with Ky to get the dark grout I wanted. Originally I wanted a charcoal color but we compromised with a darker grey. Although these tiles have a built in spacer of 1/16, I wanted a slighter larger space so we added an additional 1/16 to make it a nice 1/8. I am SO happy with the turn out and not to mention super impressed with my husband's first attempt at tiling! 

White Subway Tile - $140 for 400 tiles {We have around 150 left over... hello bathroom reno?} 
Motar, Grout, caulking & spacers - $100
Use of wet saw, tile score & cutter, & all tools used to tile - Free! Thanks to my FIL who conveniently just retiled their entire bathroom. 

Tile total: $240

Painting the Cabinets & Adding trim;

After reading a few reviews we decided to use the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit in the color "Linen". We got this kit on sale for $90 at Home Depot. We are very pleased with this product and how easy it was to use! The "No sanding or priming" part is what sold me. Really.. no sanding was needed! We took all the fronts and drawers and set them up in the garage. After using the first step (Cleaning & stripping) we added the trim. The trim was very inexpensive! Kyler picked up a 1/4" thick piece of oak plywood from the local building supply here in town. He got the store to cut them into strips of 2.5" wide. After measuring each door, cutting each piece accordingly we attached the trim with wood glue & a nail gun. Time to wood fill! We had to putty all the nail holes and a little strips of decorative grooves on the original cabinets. After sanding and cleaning we were ready to paint! Our cabinets required three coats of the white linen paint. This kit also comes with a optional decorative glaze. We skipped this step as I love how clean and simple the plain white cabinets look. 

As easy as Pinterest and all the tutorials made this step look... it wasn't. This was a tedious step but obviously well worth it! 

Rust-oleum kit - $90
Plywood Trim w/ cutting charge - $50
New Black Hinges - $75
All Hardware - $68
Misc. items like paintbrushes, wood fill, & sandpaper - $75

Use of mitre saw, nail gun, power sander - Again all free thanks to my FILs tool shed! 

Cabinet total: $358

Other expenses we had during this reno:

Bamboo Blinds: $17
Pendant Light: $55
Paint {Vintage Grey by Origins Benjamin Moore} - $50
Babysitter: Free thank you to our wonderful family! {And her ability to literally nap through anything}

In total this reno costs us: $720! 

As you can see by the before and after this was probably some of the best money we have ever spent. Although it was a week of long days, tears and a few calls to Kyler's dad & bro... it was so nice to do something together as a couple that we could really be proud of. We still have to add in our new over the range microwave and convert those two upper shelves over the stove into decorative open shelving.

I tried my best to tag all the products we used for our renovation. Please comment below for any additional questions as I'd be happy to help someone else transform their kitchen!




Decor Items:
EAT letters & Wire Basket - Michael's 
Herb Prints - MomPrintables (Yours truly)
Table Crate - Home Sense
K & D Mugs - Anthropology 
Milk jug holder for Utensils & faux green plant - IKEA
Wood cutting board - Amazon


18 Week Bump Update

Here's some excuses why my bump updates are getting further and further apart... 
-Kitchen reno (B&A coming to the blog soon!)
-Tax season as a self employed person (seriously hell)
-Baby & wedding showers (For the cutest new babe & bride) 

Glad we got that out of the way! Now onto the past five weeks... ;) 

Once I finally got into the second trimester (13 weeks? 14 weeks?) the quality of each day got so much better. I finally felt like a real person! Energy, eating more than toast and apples! It's really been great... Then I popped. Seriously popped. I know it's because my body already has been there done that but I really didn't expect to be waking to pee in the middle of the night and have sausages for feet at 18 weeks but here we are! People asking me if I'm due in June or July has been fun too... nope I'm just a whale. A happy whale though! I do feel the glow. Under all the acne (& bacne) I do feel that beautiful pregnant glow.

Baby Beau is the size of a: a green pepper!!!
How am I feeling: Amazing!  
What am I eating/craving: Slurpees & Caeser Salad.
What am I NOT eating: Ground beef... barf. 
Maternity Clothes?: Ahh yes! My good friend lent me all of her mat clothes. Seriously some of the cutest stuff! I'm gonna be a chic little pregnant perogie this spring and summer!
Gender: GIRL! at 15 weeks my bestie and I went to a 3D ultrasound (because I am seriously the most impatient person in the world) and within seconds of the ultrasound wand hitting my tummy the tech said "There's a baby girl in here". When she said those words I was honestly shocked! Everyone wanting us/guessing for us to have a boy (literally everyone) kind of convinced me that we were having a boy. Not only that but this pregnancy has been different in every way from my daughters. The shock of another baby girl soon subsided and Kyler and I are so excited! Callie and her new sister will really be the best of friends. I can just see it now! Not to mention all the dough we will save on clothes... for now. 
Movement: Tons! Babe has been poking at mom since about 15 weeks. It's been amazing to feel these movements again and I can't wait for Kyler & Cal to feel them. 
Best moment this week: Sorting through Callie's old clothes in preparation for her sister put me on cloud nine. The size of some of the little pants and tops brought tears to my eyes. I feel so incredibly lucky to be experiencing this again. We took those first few weeks and months for granted. Sleep deprived and anxiously wanting the time to pass so thing would get easier is something I will forever regret but now with the blessing of our second child we will be cherishing those moments along side Callie. 

Hurry up September!   

Our gender reveal! 


12 week Bump Update

Ok ok... every week updates are not gotta happen. I kinda knew this in the back of my head but for some reason I thought that working full time and having a toddler would get easier? Nope! So Every 2-3 weeks is when I will be doing these updates!

Man does the time fly! 12 weeks already! One more week of this "wonderful" first trimester.
My nausea came back and I started Diclectin. It has been a Godsend... besides making me drowsy and still pretty useless. But I will take being sleepy and unless over puking and useless any day. This week I had my first prenatal and everything looked great! I finally got a solid due date {September 20, 2016 - one day after our first wedding anniversary!} and he said my dating ultrasound looked great so we don't need to schedule another one until 20 weeks. We had to had a dating ultrasound because I literally had no dates to go from! We got pregnant after our miscarriage instantly without a cycle in-between. My doctor didn't bother busting out the doppler but I wasn't disappointed as I knew I could go home and use my personal one. Buying an at home doppler has been the best thing I have done so far in this pregnancy. Since nine weeks I have been able to easily find the fast little gallop inside. The reassurance and ease of mind has been priceless. My bump is growing and Callie is becoming more and more excited with my daily belly smooches.. Secretly jealous that my belly button is getting more sweet Callie kisses than me!

One more week and we can say goodbye to this horrible/amazing first trimester!

Baby Beau is the size of a: A lime
How am I feeling: Still nauseous and sleepy, slowly getting energy and an appetite back. Emotional! {Big sis is turning TWO on Saturday!}
What am I eating/craving: Sour candies and mashed potatoes & gravy.
What am I NOT eating: Meat, meat and more meat. The smell of it cooking has me locked into our room.
Maternity Clothes?: Yup and I bought a few of my favourite tunic tops from dynamite in a size larger.
Gender Guesses: Everyone and I mean everyone has been guessing a boy. We haven't had one girl prediction yet! But I think their guesses are swayed with what they want us to have. As for me I really have none so far! The idea of Callie getting a sister though has been warming my heart. 
Movement: None I can feel but when I was listening to babe on the doppler {I swear I only do this once a week!} I'm almost positive I could hear Baby Beau move! I was listening to the strong heartbeat and heard a little woosh
Best moment this week: Getting my due date! And entering the last week of this trimester. Also our first little babe is turning two on Saturday and I have very mixed feelings about it. So proud of this smart, hilarious little girl but forever missing the days where she was so small and could fit on my chest. As we are only six months away from having a new born again I am so emotional that this newborn won't be Callie. That Callie is still growing and will never stop growing. Weird feeling to explain.  

Photobomb Callie